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How Do Coaches Differ from Psychotherapists in the USA?

What’s the Difference between a Psychotherapist and a Business Coach? Here’s the main difference – Business Coaches assist their clients to achieve business and career goals while psychotherapists help patients to overcome mental, emotional, behavioral and relationship problems. Here are some other significant differences:      I. Psychotherapists: Trained in graduate schools to receive Masters […]

What Do Coaches Do with Their Clients?

How Are Coaches Used Today? Individuals started hiring coaches to assist them in attaining their personal goals. And then companies and corporations started hiring coaches to enhance profits and improve the skills and effectiveness of their managers and executives. Today, people are increasingly looking to develop new skills and/or hone existing skills. Whether it is […]

What about Procrastination and “Unfinished Business”?

What about Procrastination? How can you reach your personal, career or relationship goals if you avoid solving and eliminating natural and inevitable problems that arise? Putting things off until “tomorrow” only works if you focus on them tomorrow. But if you keep putting them off continually, the difficulties will never be resolved. Placing issues and […]