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What Are the Causes of Depression?

Many People Suffer with Depression in the USA Depression is a common disorder, which is growing in prevalence with each passing year. Each and every one of us suffers from sadness and grief in our lives — probably on a number of occasions throughout our lifetimes. It affects children, adults and senior citizens. It can […]

What Are the Different Types of Depression?

Two Basic Causes of Depression As I pointed out in another one of my blog articles,  there are basically 2 causes of depression: 1) Some depressions are caused by physical and chemical reactions while 2) others are stimulated by life experiences or psychological reactions. Go here to read that blog article: Below I will […]

How Do I Find Relief If I Am Depressed?

There Are 4 Basic Ways to Treat Depression: Psychiatric medicine works well for some patients but not everyone. Psychotherapy or depression counseling are very helpful for most people. Combining psychotherapy with psychiatric medicine works well for some people. Improving personal self-care is helpful for most people and supports psychotherapy and medicine. Do You Want to […]

How Does Depression Manifest Itself in Human Beings?

Almost All People Experience a Painful Depressive Episode in Their Lifetime. All people, no matter their age, gender, race, faith, ethnic identity, environment or financial status can suffer with depression. Many things happen in life to make us feel down, disappointed or blue. Fortunately, depression counseling can help. How Do People Get Depressed? Basically, there […]

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Major Depression?

Here Are the Main Diagnostic Signs and Symptoms of Major Depression: Depressed mood with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, apathy, emptiness and tearfulness Markedly diminished interest in sex and pleasurable activities Social isolation and withdrawal from usual social interactions Significant weight loss or gain, or decrease or increase in appetite Sleep disturbance at night or sleeping […]