Anxiety, Worry and Fear

Anxiety, Worry and Fear TherapyMost people experience periods of anxiety and worry due to real life stressors. It’s normal. These uncomfortable experiences come and they go.

However, sometimes we suffer from trauma or abuse that leave us perpetually anxious or with triggering memories that unexpectedly erupt into our consciousness. Some people find themselves behaving in irrational ways repeatedly. But they become discouraged, overwhelmed and feel helpless to stop it.

Anxiety can be mild and temporary. But some anxiety becomes ever-present and very distressing. Either way, it is very painful and disruptive in their daily life experience.

If you cannot defeat these unpleasant experiences on your own, get professional help. You can overcome debilitating nervousness, worry, fear, phobias, ritualistic behaviors and repetitive thoughts and panic attacks. Usually, they are successfully treated and patients move forward into a more comfortable and gratifying lifestyle.

But don’t wait until you’ve lost control, become isolated or live in terror. Seek relief. There is hope. You don’t need to tolerate life in despair. Psychotherapy can be very effective and provide relatively rapid relief and positive results. With some patients, combining special medications along with psychotherapy brings the fastest relief and longer lasting outcomes.

Don’t continue to suffer needlessly. Don’t wait until your sleep is disturbed; you become socially withdrawn and isolated; your life becomes limited; you break out in sweats; you become avoidant; you feel overwhelmed and sickly; and find yourself unsuccessfully fighting off frightening and intrusive memories. Don’t wait until your life cycles around your anxiety and you become dominated by fear and worry.

You don’t need to remain bound and trapped by anxiety. You can overcome your dreadful and recurring imprisonment.


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