Divorce Counseling

divorce therapy

  • Are you and your spouse contemplating marital separation and divorce?
  • Have you separated and are you about to begin the divorce process?
  • Are you already in the divorce process now?
  • Are you divorced and ready to rebuild your life?
  • Do you want some supportive therapy through these challenging events?

Divorce Is  a Daunting Experience

Marital separation and divorce is a difficult journey and consists of four distinct phases: 1) Pre-separation, 2) Separation, 3) Divorce and 4) Rebuilding. For most men and women, it is a dreaded experience with many different confusing and painful challenges.

Most people suffer while deciding what course to take with their partner and also while separating, divorcing and rebuilding their lives. To dissolve a marriage or long-term relationship is a tough decision and it’s often hard to give up hope and to hurt someone you have loved. It is full of uncertainty because you don’t know what your future life will be like. And once you start, there are so many difficult changes and decisions to make. If you have children, the intensity increases. You worry about how to protect them from the loss, confusion and pain. The way out of the relationship is not obvious or easy.

Divorce is usually one of the most painful and stressful events that human beings can experience. Divorce counseling is available and helps you to maneuver through the stress and emotional upheaval toward a better lifestyle ahead.

Most people turn for help to friends, attorneys, co-workers, ministers, family members and new partners for help. Attorneys usually can’t relieve you of your psychological distress and the others may not know how to ease your pain and turmoil. So, you can end up feeling alienated, angry and depressed.

That’s when it’s time to get professional guidance. After all, you don’t want to burn-out your loved ones by burdening and frustrating them too much. And, you don’t want to end-up stuck in an unhappy situation.

Divorce Is a Common Event

Although you already know that about 50% of American marriages end in divorce, that knowledge probably doesn’t help to console or comfort you. It’s still painful and you may have believed that divorce would never happen to you.

Divorcing partners and families no longer receive as much family, religious, cultural and social support as they once did. Separation and divorce are now more socially accepted and not as stigmatized as they were in the past. These factors contribute to the rise in the divorce rate.

You are obviously not alone in this separation and divorce experience. Today, it’s hard to stay glued together in marriage.

Divorce Counseling Brings Relief and Direction

You can engage in divorce therapy to either: 1) turn your marriage around or 2) soften your way through the separation, divorce and rebuilding stages. I offer couples as well as individual men and women a safe and compassionate environment to discuss and review their issues and options and to accept their confusion and emotions without negative judgment or criticism. I can assist you to understand what is happening, manage strong feelings, and make hard decisions and compromises. I can help you to look more objectively at your options and beliefs.

I can assist you to gain a sense of self-control and a more realistic perspective on what you are going through. I will help you to grapple with complex issues and disappointments and to face troubling uncertainties and unwanted realities as they arise. I help you to resolve seemingly inescapable problems and strong emotions.

In your divorce therapy sessions with me, we will focus on your current feelings, thoughts and dilemmas, step-by-step. In counseling, you can be your real self, vulnerable and confused, without feeling any shame. You will feel supported and maintain hope that a better future is on the horizon.

Is Divorce Counseling Effective?

YES! Divorce therapy is quite helpful at whatever stage you enter because you will inevitably face significant challenges. Difficult decisions will be faced and overwhelming emotions will flood you. On top of that, you may also feel ashamed and anxious about finances and your future. If you have children, your worries are heightened. At times, the process seems unbearable and never-ending.

I can offer you weekly divorce counseling sessions that are supportive and reassuring through your drawn-out marital dissolution process. I have many years of experience working with divorcing clients and I understand the steps you must take to come out feeling healthy and proud once again.

Why Do People Hesitate to Enter into Divorce Therapy?

Some people don’t engage in counseling because they believe that they will need to invest too much time, energy and money into the therapy. But what is the alternative? To suffer needlessly and possibly make some regrettable decisions?

Just like the legal divorce process with your attorney, there is no quick or easy way to make it through this trying experience. However, it is more difficult and takes longer to heal if you pass through it on your own.

The goal of divorce counseling is to complete an acceptable divorce agreement and to be on your way toward building a new healthy life as soon as possible with a positive attitude. Counseling also helps you to support and parent your children with more sensitivity, affection and effectiveness.

The marital separation and legal divorce process usually takes at least one year to complete. That is a long time to be under intense pressure. For some couples, it takes much longer to finish. So, it pays to get support and guidance through this stressful experience as quickly as possible so that you can emerge prepared to love again and carve-out a better future for yourself.

Why Choose Me as Your Divorce Therapist?

I have provided divorce counseling for over 30 years. I am an adult and a child clinical psychologist and I am also a trained divorce mediator. So, I understand family, parenting and child development issues as well as the legal divorce procedures and decisions that need to be made. I specialize in divorce counseling. It is not a “sideline” service. It is one of my few specialty services.

In my years of experience as a psychotherapist, I have assisted hundreds of spouses contemplate divorce, go through separation and divorce, and rebuild their lives. From direct experience, plus specialized training and study, I know what the challenges are and what to expect during each of the four stages of uncoupling and rebuilding. I understand the depth of emotional despair and mental confusion, the difficulty of decision-making, the challenges of negotiating and compromising, and the anxiety about co-parenting and child custody agreements. And, I know the issues that must be faced and the steps that must be taken in order to rebuild a gratifying new life. Along the way, I support my clients and am sensitive to their shame, anger depression and fear.

Don’t go through your divorce alone.

Get the support and guidance that you deserve.

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You can make it. You are strong. You are resilient and adaptive. But be sure to get appropriate support.

If you are struggling with separation and divorce,

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