What If I Can’t Solve My Problems by Myself?

Sometimes You Can’t Solve Problems on Your Own.

Most of us have the capacity to solve most of our problems. However, sometimes you don’t have the ability to work it out. So, you ask your friends and loved ones for assistance and advice. You might also ask your physician and minister for help. But this doesn’t always resolve the dilemmas.

doctor and woman patientSo, there are situations in which you may need to turn to a professional problem-solver who has the depth of experience, the psychological knowledge and the specialized ability to help you dig your way out so that you continue moving forward in your life.

That is where mental health specialists like me come in. We are trained to help people resolve difficult challenges and problems. We have experience in dealing with similar issues that you are confronting. Therefore, we know the terrain and have some helpful tools to share with you. Our work is to help clients overcome barriers and work around obstacles. 

Some treatment by psychologists and counselors is relatively rapid in helping you to decrease your issues and symptoms. You may be able to get some quick positive results. That’s what everybody hopes for.

However, some problems are stubborn and take longer to work on to resolve. That is just a human reality. Just because we want an issue to disappear does not mean that it will evaporate. There is no magic like that. Some problems are big and take time, effort and money to resolve.

What If My Problems Are Too Big for Me to Solve Alone?

If you are plagued by personal and/or business problems or they seem too overwhelming for you to handle, then I suggest that you seek out a qualified psychotherapist or coach who can assist you and also help you develop improved problem-solving skills that you can use far into your future.

As a psychologist, I’m a problem-solver. I collaborate with you to work on challenges that you cannot solve on your own. Once the issues are lifted, you go on your way. You can see what problem areas I specialize in by visiting the “What We Treat” navigation button drop down list on this website.


What If I’m Too Ashamed to Ask for Professional Help?

Nowadays, many people turn to mental health professionals like me for help. The old cultural stigma about seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist has significantly decreased over the past 30 years. It is very common to seek assistance with personal problems and there are many professionals to choose from because the demand for our services is high.

Some people feel the stigma of engaging a psychologist. They fear others will judge them as if they are “crazy”. However, seeking assistance with problems is the intelligent and practical thing to do. If you had a medical concern, wouldn’t you consult a physician? If you had a dental problem, wouldn’t you go see your dentist? If your car wasn’t working so well or made some strange sounds, wouldn’t you take it to an auto mechanic? So, you need to over-ride the old unrealistic stigma and ask for help with psychological issues.

Getting Help Is Smart.

Don’t feel alone because you aren’t alone. Seeking out help is a common action to take in the USA. Don’t make excuses to avoid getting help. And please, for your sake, don’t be ashamed of seeking out and requesting the guidance that you need and deserve.

If you’d like help in solving some problems, give me a call – 805-448-5053. We can work on them together.

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