Could I Benefit from Business Coaching?

Why Would I Need a Coach?

If you have big business dreams, plans and goals and are concerned that you may not reach those objectives, then that is when a business coach may be the resource you need.

Generally, business coaching offers objective discussion, experienced guidance and practical support. Working together, you and your coach can more effectively and efficiently turn your attention away from unproductive worry and toward actions to attain your goals. Instead of fearing failure and disappointment, you’ll look at market realities and optimal solutions that can put you on the path to success.

All coaching clients have their own set of goals and many different types of benefits may be gained directly and indirectly from the coaching experience. Some outcomes are consciously aimed for while other results are an unintended by-product achieved along the way.

What Are the Benefits of Business Performance Coaching?

Here is a list of some common results from coaching: Which outcomes interest you?

  • Boost revenue and profits
  • Build self-confidence
  • Reach goals
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce expenses and waste
  • Improve marketing and sales skills
  • Enhance planning skills and self-discipline
  • Build workplace morale and positive culture
  • Refine leadership style and communication skills
  • Develop successors and future leadership
  • Increase status in your industry or community
  • Reduce procrastination and getting side-tracked
  • Take on more responsibility with less stress
  • Improve delegation skills
  • Meet deadlines
  • Attract better employees
  • Improve management and executive skills
  • Transition easier into higher level positions
  • Improve team communication and productivity
  • Overcome obstacles, barriers and set-backs
  • Prevent losses and getting off-track
  • Reduce stress, isolation and fear
  • Manage unexpected changes and disappointments with resilience
  • Improve priority-setting, decision-making and risk-taking
  • Enhance negotiation skills
  • Become more creative

 What Results Would You Like to Earn?

From all those outcomes listed above, which ones attract you the most? Where do you need to grow and expand?

How would you feel if you achieved some of these benefits?

Bottom-Line When Hiring a Business Coach

Of course, you want to achieve some important goals. But as you consider prospective coaches, don’t look for a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, look for someone who has a record of helping companies and uses a basic plan to achieve specific outcomes with clients.

Basically, you want someone who is goal-oriented and can hone in on your particular needs, challenges and situation.

Don’t assume that a coach is not a good fit because they push you out of your comfort zone. Absolutely expect them to make you feel challenged and uncomfortable at times. It is their job to hold you accountable for working your action plan, following through with your commitments and achieving your goals.

When being coached, you should definitely feel guided in this process, not criticized, humiliated or isolated. Look for a coach who can encourage and support you with positivity and enthusiasm. You should feel a connection and commitment to your coach.

Coaching will help you to have a better understanding or your business and yourself and can springboard you to success. You will learn many valuable lessons during this supportive and guided experience – including your strengths and weaknesses.


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