Relationship Doldrums and Apathy

Relationship TherapyFor many couples, over time, their relationship can become boring and seem meaningless. Through the course of their partnership, they gradually stop investing in their relationship and keeping it loving and alive. They unknowingly slip into relationship despair and feel there is no way out. They tell themselves that this is natural and to be expected, that keeping the interaction and passion alive is doomed to failure. So, they drift into a quiet apathy, expecting little and resigning themselves to accept their situation.

This is not reality. If they still have love and respect for one another but lost their passion, the fire can be re-lit. They can re-invest in their relationship and stoke the fire. They can get the winds blowing and a love storm howling. But, it takes honest communication, commitment and an exciting vision. They can re-kindle and enjoy a new flame.

There are many ways in psychotherapy to gradually re-store the fire. If you love and have faith in one another, then you can definitely make a breakthrough to a re-vitalized relationship that you are excited about.

You can learn how to become more trusting, intimate and supportive again. With focused effort and commitment, you can recreate a more mature and secure relationship. If you are able to be vulnerable and honest, you can strengthen your communications skills on a deeper level. By sharing intimately and openly, you can understand and feel compassion for your partner, heal old wounds and forgive past violations. But to gain these hoped-for benefits, you must become vulnerable again by revealing to one another what your true needs and desires are. Then you can begin to understand your strong mixed emotions toward your partner. In turn, you can reduce the repetitive blaming and conflicts as well as the inner emotional pain of anger and despair. You can escape the cyclic division between and hurting of one another.

So, don’t give in. And, don’t give up. Dig in and get closer. Become more intimate, share more interests and interact more sensually together. Make your lives together more pleasing and exciting.

You can do this. It’s well worth the effort.

If you are caught in the relationship doldrums and apathy,

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