Life Transition Challenges

Life Transition ChallengesHumans are constantly evolving. Our sense of our self changes over time. We never stop growing and shifting. Therefore, our self confidence, self-esteem and self-concept are also constantly in flux. Nobody looks or feels the same as they were a year or more ago.

However, at times this evolution does not progress  smoothly or predictably. Some people struggle more than others as they grow. Others develop and unfold a little. Some develop in remarkably big ways. Some are stuck. And some regress and go backward over their lifetime. So, a human’s life can evolve by surging forward, dropping backward or plateauing.

Some people initiate their own growth while others passively wait for it to happen naturally. Or, they actively avoid and decisively resist change altogether. Most significant psychological growth is challenging and accompanied by struggle or pain. All of this personal unfolding development is referred to as maturation or differentiation.

Humans grow and develop through transitional periods of change. There may be quieter periods when little seems to be occurring in their inner world. Then of course, there are tragedies, losses, illness, accidents, traumas, and unexpected events that catch us by surprise, set us back or stop us in our tracks. All of us confront transitions that force us to work them through. We cannot escape this fact of life.

Sometimes they cause psychological turmoil. At times, they can be very disorienting, painful and frightening. We fear getting stuck or never transcending the mental and emotional struggle. Everyone experiences life transitions. Some are harder than others.

If you get stuck or feel overwhelmed as you encounter a transitional challenge, seek psychological assistance to move through it successfully. Get help to progress and become renewed. Don’t give up or surrender to being overwhelmed and stuck in despair. There is usually a richer life experience on the other side, if you work to earn it.

It may not feel good. And you may not know where you’re headed. But nevertheless, muster up your courage and get some guidance to face and conquer it. You’ll be glad you did. And, you’ll become a stronger person, able to give more to others after your maturing and meaningful passage.

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You can do it. You can succeed. You are resilient. You can adapt and change.

If you are embroiled in a difficult transition,

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