What Type of Coaching Specialties Are Available?

When Did Coaching Start?

The concept of “coaching” has come a long way in the twenty-first century. It is a relatively new discipline that became popular about 2000. Before that period, coaches may have been referred to as consultants, mentors, supervisors, teachers or guides.

Over the past 100 years, coaching has been well known in field of sports. Almost all of us have had an individual or team coach in athletics or an instructor in a school physical education class. They were known to blow whistles and lead athletes in practice sessions and events. In the past, some of us may have also had or heard about voice and acting coaches.

How Has Coaching Evolved Over Time?

Over the past 20 years, many coach training institutes and organizations have developed and provided certifications and a few national and international professional coaching associations have been launched. Plus, the number of people calling themselves coaches, and the number of specialty coaching areas, have grown rapidly in the USA and internationally.

Valuable coaching relationships are no longer solely found in the domain of sports and other physical pursuits. Today, gifted coaches work in a broad number of areas and environments to help people reach their desired goals.

Many coaches have their own independent coaching business or they work for a coaching company. In addition, some are employed by corporations to coach their managers and young high-potential employees. However, business owners and corporate executives usually prefer hiring outside or “external” coaches to work with.

The 9 Most Popular Types of Coaching Specialties.

Wherever there are difficult challenges people face, there is a self-appointed coach who has expertise in that area.

Although there are many different types of coaches, below are some of the newer and most popular coaching specialties today:

  1. Business Performance Coach – Covers skills in management, team building, marketing, branding, sales, strategic planning and succession planning to help large corporations and small businesses succeed.
  2. Corporate Coach – Involves guidance in strategic planning, management, team development, personal presence, corporate culture development, adjustment to a new corporate culture, executive training, creation of presentations, plotting out a career trajectory.
  3. Personal Life Coach – Assists people to achieve a varying combination of personal needs and wants to improve their relationships and lifestyle.
  4. Career Coach – Provides information and strategic support in planning and pursuing a new job or career, application and resume preparation, job interview readiness, salary negotiations, contract review, career path planning.
  5. Fitness/Health Coaching – Guides clients with health, exercise and lifestyle objectives.
  6. Nutrition/Diet Coach – Supports people with information and guidance to become disciplined in weight loss or an improved diet.
  7. Skills Coach – Helps clients to learn new skills in focused areas, like yoga, martial arts, ice skating, bookkeeping, athletic competitions and beyond.
  8. Arts Coach – Helps people to enhanced and expand their natural abilities and talents in specific areas such as music, painting, acting, etc.
  9. Academic Coaching – Like a tutor or teacher, they help people learn topics, take tests, write essays and chart a path through college applications.

You can find specialty coaches and coaching companies online and they may need to work with you remotely via the internet.

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