Dr. Revel Miller’s Professional Background

Dr. Revel MillerRevel Miller received his Masters and Doctorate degrees from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP is now called Alliant University). He has been state licensed since 1983 and a practicing psychologist for over 30 years. His California State license is PSY15868.

Dr. Miller has a broad professional experience. Although the majority of his work has been in private practice, he has also worked in and consulted with a number of public and private institutions, agencies and hospitals. Dr. Miller has depth of experience in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. He has also traveled extensively and lived and worked abroad for a number of years. So, he is sensitive to and understands cultural issues. Dr. Miller has worked as a professional psychologist with a broad spectrum of ages, clients, and psychological disorders and dilemmas.

Dr. Miller has been trained in a few different theoretical models of psychotherapy. Now he is eclectic and resonates most with long-term psychodynamic approaches to treatment. Dr. Miller has extensive training and experience in individual, group, couple and family therapies. Dr. Miller enjoys working with men and understands the particular problems, issues and hesitations that men struggle with when engaging in therapy and coaching. Through his clinical work, he is experienced in supporting cancer patients at all stages as well as their loved ones and care takers. He also specializes in parenting skills, caregiver support and working with the elderly. Moreover, Dr. Miller treats people who suffer from PTSD after experiencing and sustaining physical injuries from frightening or life-threatening accidents with automobiles, bicycles, boats, swimming, animals, violence and falls. Finally, Dr. Miller is experienced in providing long-distance counseling and coaching services by telephone and skype.

Group psychotherapy is a specialty service of Dr. Miller. He has been leading various types of groups with a diversity of clients for over 30 years, in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics and private practice settings. He has been the leader of groups for children, adolescents and adults. Revel Miller has been highly trained in group psychotherapy and earned status as a “Certified Group Psychotherapist” by the American Group Psychotherapy Association. In addition, he has taught group therapy technique to graduate students. Plus, he personally participates in ongoing professional training groups as a group member. From direct experience, Dr. Miller knows what it feels like to participate in group therapy.

Revel Miller is a trained business performance coach. He has years of experience in coaching corporate executives, managers and teams, as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, financial advisors and other licensed professionals. Most of his coaching clients live outside the Santa Barbara area, nationally and internationally, so he works with them via telephone.

Dr. Miller also has extensive experience counseling cancer patients and their loved ones. He works in a local alternative cancer treatment clinic with a multidisciplinary approach led by a naturopathic doctor and physician as well as nursing, acupuncture, nutrition, massage and colon specialists. Dr. Miller provides psychotherapy support to the patients and their family members. He understands the the unique marital and family dynamics and the stress, worry, confusion and depression that afflict cancer patients, loved ones and caretakers.

He is an experienced business and personal consultant. He helps businesses to assess and identify problems, implement changes and create improvements. Individuals and families benefit from his personal consulting in the areas of: parenting or behavior management of children, teenagers and adult children; struggles with marital separation and divorce for adults and children; and care taking of disabled adults and children.

In addition, Dr. Miller has training in behavioral health in order to work as a collaborative psychologist with medical professionals, other allied health professionals, and patients suffering with cancer, physical injuries and chronic illnesses. Due to his extensive work in hospital based programs, he understands the medical model and is familiar with psychotropic medicines.

Revel Miller, Ph.D. puts in effort to provide a positive and safe environment with an upbeat and hopeful atmosphere that assists people to grow and improve their quality of life. He recognizes the problems and struggles that people endure. Yet he also recognizes that we all have some freedom to create our own life and effectively shed the disappointments and negative past experiences that hold us back every day.

Dr. Miller writes all of the informative articles, blog posts, book recommendations and website resource directory uploaded on the Resources page.

The two web pages entitled Problems Treated and Specialty Services outline Dr. Miller’s current treatment focus and areas of interest. Learn more about his perspective and services by reviewing the helpful set of questions and answers on the web page FAQ.

How Is Dr. Miller Different from Other Mental Health Professionals?

Here are some areas and specialties that make Revel Miller unique:

  • Over 30 years of experience as a professional psychologist and consultant
  • Offers evening and weekend appointments
  • Experienced in group psychotherapy
  • Over 16 years experience as a business performance coach
  • Trained as a divorce mediator
  • Trained as a collaborative behavioral health or biopsychosocial psychologist
  • Experienced in delivering long-distance telephone-based services
  • Trained to help people overcome PTSD suffered during a frightening accident
  • Experienced in helping men grow and feel comfortable in individual, couple and group therapy
  • Experienced in working with seniors suffering from chronic illnesses, pain and mood disorders
  • Experienced in supporting cancer patients and their loved ones and caretakers

These make Dr. Miller stand out and set him apart from other mental health professionals.


Current Professional Memberships

  • Group Psychotherapy Association of  Los Angeles (GPALA)
  • Santa Barbara County Psychological Association (SBCPA)
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
  • Santa Barbara Chapter of CAMFT


Dr. Revel MillerRevel Miller’s Personal Interests and Background

In his personal life, Revel engages in a number of interests and activities. At present, he participates in exercising, hiking, backpacking and swimming. And he appreciates local art, architecture and landscaping as well as the nearby ocean, beaches and mountains. Revel continually strives to juggle his priorities so that he stays active, challenged and somewhat balanced.

Revel is a native Californian and has lived in the Santa Barbara area since 1998. He has two children who graduated from high school here.


You can bounce back. Don’t give up hope. If you feel stuck, give Dr. Miller a try.

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