Specialty Services

Special ServicesRevel Miller, Ph.D. uses a number of different approaches to help patients and clients achieve their goals and become more resilient.

Dr. Miller offers 3 different types of specialty services:

Dr. Miller may recommend one or two of the following approaches to solve your problems and reach your goals.

1. Psychotherapy

2. Business and Personal Consultation

  • Business Issues, Problems, Transitions and Changes
  • Separation and Divorce Challenges
  • Parenting and Family Struggles
  • Adult and Child Caregivers Challenges

3. Business Performance Coaching – Learn More

  • Corporate Executives, Managers and Teams
  • Licensed Professionals
  • Small or Family Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs

Based on information gathered from interviews, Dr. Miller helps you to prioritize problem areas and goals to work on together.

For more specific information about these Specialty Services, visit the FAQ and the Resources web pages.

For more information about the issues and problems Dr. Miller works with, see the “List of Problems Treated” on the Problems Treated web page.

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