Sexual and Intimacy Concerns

Sexual TherapyNot all people have learned how to be intimate with another person. Very few have been shown or taught how to be sexually loving and sensitive. Gratifying sexual activity takes great caring and relaxation as partners must be vulnerable with one another. Fulfilling and passionate love-making demands confidence in ourselves and trust in the other.

Sometimes this trust never emerges because it was never there in the first place. Or, sometime a partner may have been judged or criticized for their past sexual performance, thereby setting up a pattern of turmoil whenever sex is initiated. Some people have been emotionally and sexually abused and get anxious when entering sexual activity. In other instances, couples have little knowledge about how to enrich their love making to bring in more steamy passion.

Whether a couple suffers from lack of sexual desire or frequency or physiological challenges due to aging, these issues can often be repaired and reversed through specialized psychotherapy methods. However, it demands love, discipline, courage and patience to turn your experiences around into more pleasurable interactions. Plus, you must be willing to get vulnerable and communicate openly to improve your sexual intimacy.

Most sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction can be reversed or improved so that both partners can be erotically turned-on and sexually fulfilled. There is much hope for committed couples, even if they’ve been frustrated for years. And, it’s worth the investment. For what’s more fulfilling than gratifying sexuality with a loving partner? No other sensory or mental pleasures can compete with sex. That’s the way we are built.

Don’t allow your shame or embarrassment condemn you to perpetual frustration. Get help. Take risks to disclose the unmentionable. Start trusting a therapist to give you guidance. Your sex life is worth it. And, your sexual performance and relationship may improve beyond your wildest dreams.

Overcome your shame and anxiety. Put and end to your silent suffering.

If you struggle with sexual and intimacy concerns,

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