Arrow_Only_LogoDr. Miller is a strong believer in the resiliency and hardiness of all human beings. He has witnessed and worked with many people who have overcome big challenges and crises to move on to productive and fulfilling lives. He knows how powerful our innate resiliency is in helping us to turn our lives around.

Dr. Miller wants you to recognize your own personal strengths and power to direct your life. He strives to helps others identify the good things in their lives that they can rely on. You can rebound and become more resilient even when the odds seem to be against you. You can develop more personal power and a more positive attitude toward yourself and life in general. You can learn to see things differently through a more optimistic lens and make some desired and necessary changes. You are stronger, hardier and more resilient then you give yourself credit for. You can turn things around and improve your life.

Dr. Miller maintains an enthusiastic attitude toward helping people with troubles they wrestle with. He believes that each person can become stronger to both recover and expand from whatever setbacks and burdens they bear. Although Dr. Miller believes in positive psychology, he does not back away from wrestling with the dark and painful aspects of life that keep people down.

With Dr. Miller’s guidance, patients learn new skills, become healthier, treat psychological wounds, overcome struggles, and start on a new path aimed toward a better life. When meeting with Dr. Miller, life becomes more of a curious adventure as clients take on new challenges, improve their self-concept, and craft their own life story.

You can learn how to become hardier and more resilient so that you can better manage the natural stress, strain and complexity of life. Your resiliency skills can be improved by acquiring new skills and learning how to change your attitude. Because of your innate resilient nature, you can gain new abilities to not only adapt better, but to thrive and uncover new opportunities not seen before.

People who are resilient demonstrate some of the following positive and desirable qualities: effective work performance, fulfilling relationships, physical stamina, psychological strength, social contribution, strong social and coping skills, creativity, stress resistance, self-understanding, reduced need for drugs, heightened alertness, sense of well-being, high mental functioning, and leadership ability.

Dr. Miller’s goal is to help people thrive and overcome adversity in this turbulent and ever-changing world. He joins his patients to help them learn how to adapt with healthy coping mechanisms to overcome struggles and unnecessary suffering. He supports patients to recover and then to find deeper meaning so that they can evolve further.


Two Images of Resiliency

The Phoenix and the Kangaroo are two positive and meaningful symbols used by Dr. Miller in his practice. The Phoenix is a beautiful mythological bird or sacred firebird that is cyclically regenerated and reborn. It rises out of its own death or burning ashes. Since antiquity and across many cultures, the Phoenix symbolizes renewal, immortality, coming back after defeat. This spirit bird also represents survival, strength, victory and patience. This vibrant bird transcends over struggles and transforms itself into a new bird. It comes back to life after death. Like the Phoenix, there come times in our lives when we struggle and feel defeated and burnt-out. At this point, we must decide whether or not to give up or to adapt and rebuild our lives to create a new flourishing life.


The Kangaroo is a real animal that symbolizes energy, endurance and action. These marsupials are very strong and adaptive. They only move forward, never backward. As fast hoppers and leapers, they have great stamina and endurance. We often refer to their movement as bouncing. And, like Kangaroos, at times we must take leaps of faith into the unknown, into the future to heal and re-balance ourselves. We fight to bounce back and rebound when injured, strained or overwhelmed.


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