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Resiliency Center of Santa Barbara


The amount of time spent in each of our sessions in psychotherapy, consultation and coaching will usually be 50 minutes. However, there are times when we decide to have longer meetings to intensify the process or to allow for more people to join. Couples, family and emergency sessions may require more time. Group psychotherapy sessions are 90 minutes long.

Session Fees

$150 to $180 – 50 minutes
$225  – 90 minutes
$325  – 120 minutes
$  50  – 90 minutes for group psychotherapy

Assessment Fees

When being assessed, questionnaires will be selected by Dr. Miller. Each individual assessment tool has a rate. These rates vary depending upon the cost of the assessment tool and the time it takes to score the answers and interpret the results. Assessment fees also include time to formulate the treatment or strategic plan. Dr. Miller will advise you on the charges for your assessment. When working with couples and families, all participants will usually be asked to join in the assessment process.

Health Insurance

Dr. Miller is a certified provider for Medicare only. He is “out-of-network” with all other health insurance companies.

If you choose to use your health insurance to help pay for your psychotherapy sessions, as a courtesy to you we will gladly submit monthly claims to your insurance carrier. They will process our claims and determine whether or not to reimburse you. Most health plans cover mental health services from a licensed psychologist like Dr. Miller. However, each plan is different. If you want to know what kind of coverage they provide, please call your health insurance provider and ask them about what you can expect – see list of questions below to ask your insurance company.

Dr. Miller is a California state licensed psychologist and your insurance company should recognize his professional status and may reimburse you directly for your treatment sessions with him. However, he is not on any insurance panels or networks. You must pay Dr. Miller in full each session with cash, check or credit card.

Medical insurance only covers psychotherapy treatment services and diagnosed mental health problems. Most health insurance policies do not cover or pay for couple therapy, coaching services, consultation services, psychological assessment, or sessions over one hour in length.

When calling your insurance company for information about your coverage, ask the following important questions:

  • Does my plan offer mental health benefits?
  • When does my year start?
  • What is my deductible?
  • Has my deductible been met yet?
  • How much of my deductible has already been used?
  • What is my co-pay percentage?
  • What is the maximum allowable fee for psychologists for a 60-minute session?
  • How many psychotherapy sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • Does my plan pay for “out of network” state licensed psychologists?
  • Must I be referred by or get approval from my primary care physician to visits a licensed psychologist?

When your insurance company receives the monthly claim from our office, they will process it and determine if any money is due to you. If they owe you money, then they will send you a reimbursement check in your name for the portion they cover.

In order to process a claim, you must sign a release of information form in order for us to disclose confidential information to your insurance company that includes a psychological diagnosis as well as the type and dates of service. Once you ask us to send in these claims, we have no control over how your insurance company uses this confidential information or how it may affect you in the future.


At the time of service, we accept cash, checks or credit cards for payment.

Late Cancellations & No Show Policies

Dr. Miller sets aside time to meet with you. Therefore, if you do not show up or cancel in less than 24 hours, you will be required to pay for the session. Health insurance never pays for services that are not rendered.

To Cancel or Reschedule an Appointment

Call Dr. Miller at 805-448-5053. You must call him 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session or you will be charged. Please notify him as soon as you know that you have a conflict so that you can reschedule another appointment.

Questions about Our Fees or Policies?

Call us at 805-448-5053 if you have any concerns about our professional fees or policies.

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