If I See a Therapist, Does that Mean I Am Crazy?

If I Seek Help, Doesn’t that Mean I’m Sick or Mentally Ill?

Going to a therapist does not mean that you are crazy. It means that you are courageous, practical and motivated to solve problems. Those who seek psychotherapy are assertive, open and aware people who take care of themselves and desire a better life. Solving problems is a priority to them so they spend time, money and energy on their therapy sessions.

I totally respect and admire my clients for their courage to face their problems and to open up and trust me.

Won’t Others Think that I Am Weak and Weird?

Maybe. People make judgments and have opinions about many things. But they should not determine how you live your life. Plus, you can’t please everyone or get everyone’s acceptance about your behavior. And, they probably cannot help you very much with your problems. They have their own issues to worry about.

Your job in life is to strive for a fulfilling life and to learn how to be resilient when disappointments arise. Learning healthy coping skills will enhance your daily life. Going to a therapist does not mean that you are weak, weird or dependent. If you cannot solve your issue or alleviate your own emotional pain, then it is practical to see a therapist to get some help with your concerns. It means that you are strong, determined and independent.

What Is Stigma?

Stigma is an exaggerated fear, a socially biased opinion based on fear.

Stigma, or a negative opinion that interferes with your seeking help, can delay the problem solving and cause further problems. Procrastinating on identifying a therapist and committing to therapy drags out your suffering even further. Don’t allow this resistance to stop you from solving your personal, relationship and family issues.

Do you want fear to dominate or guide your life?

Seek Help When You Are Stuck.

Although you and other people may have a negative attitude toward seeing a mental health professional, you should never feel too ashamed or afraid to ask for specialized help. The goal is to overcome a problem or emotional pain. And at times we need help.

Try not to worry about your negative beliefs about therapists or how others might react when they learn you are in therapy. And remember that your relationship with your therapist is confidential and private in order to protect and make you feel safe. This should encourage you to become more open and to take risks to reveal who you really are to the therapist.

I wrote another blog article about how to find a therapist. If you want to know more about how to locate a therapist, click on this link:  http://www.drrevelmiller.com/2019/10/how-do-i-select-a-therapist-for-my-depression/

What Will Happen If I Decide Not to See a Therapist?

Probably nothing will happen. Your life may remain the same. You will continue to struggle with your same problems day-in and day-out. I doubt your life will repair itself or improve without your putting in effort.

And the pain or frustration you are experiencing will probably not simply evaporate and disappear. In fact, by refusing to engage in counseling, you may prolong your suffering and painful predicament or make it worse. You deserve better.

Take that Leap Toward Feeling Better!

Once you try a few sessions with a competent therapist, you will see how helpful therapy can be. You will likely feel relieved and more trusting, get insight into your problems, and take actions to improve your life.

Go for it!  You deserve it.


If you believe that I may be able to assist you, then give me a call – 805-448-5053. We can have a brief initial consult together on the phone. You can feel me out and we can determine if therapy may be helpful for you. Give it a try!

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