How Can I Make It Through a Rough Transitional Period?

Doesn’t the Stress of Change Ever Cease?

Humans are constantly evolving physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, behaviorally and spiritually and our self-identity changes over time as well. We never stop growing, developing and transforming. Therefore, our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-concept are also constantly in flux. Few people feel like they are exactly the same as they were a year or more ago.

Is Transition an Even and Predictable Process?

No, evolution does not progress smoothly or predictably. And some people struggle more than others to grow. Some develop and unfold in small increments. Others change in remarkable ways. Some are stuck and others regress and go backward. So, a human life is in a “start-stop” evolutionary progression.

Some people initiate their own growth while others passively wait for it to happen naturally. Or, they avoid and resist change altogether. Most significant growth is challenging and accompanied by some type of struggle or pain. Infants and small children grow the most and they struggle a lot to develop. From 5 to 12 we often struggle less. Then from 13 to 26 the struggle is heightened and confronts us again. All of this is referred to as developmental maturation or differentiation.

Do Adults Go Through Changes?

Adult humans grow and develop through transitional periods of change. There may be quieter periods when little seems to be shifting. Then of course, there are tragedies, losses, illnesses, accidents and unexpected events and changes that catch us by surprise, set us back or stop us in our tracks. Sometimes events are such powerful or traumatic experiences that they send us backwards into psychological turmoil.

At times, these transitional experiences can be very disorienting, painful and frightening. We fear getting stuck forever in the process. Transitions are hard and everyone experiences them. Some are harder than others. Whether it’s adolescent turmoil, young adult emancipation, loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, aging or career change, all of us confront transitions.

What Can I Do If a Transition Seems to Overwhelm Me?

If you get stuck or feel overwhelmed, seek psychological assistance to get through a transitional period successfully. Don’t give up or surrender to despair. There is a new and richer life after an unexpected event if you work through the transition to the other side.

Often, life transitions don’t feel good and you may not know where you’re headed. But nevertheless, muster up your courage and get support and guidance to face your dilemma, overcome it and conquer it. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll be able to give more to others after your maturing and meaningful passage.

You can do it and you can succeed. You are resilient and can adapt and change.

If you need support and guidance while plowing through a difficult life transition, give me a call – 805-448-5053. I can keep you moving forward to the other side.

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