Why Are You Writing This Blog, Revel? What’s the Reason for It?

Dr. Revel MillerWhy Am I Writing These Short Articles for You to Read?

My purpose is very clear and simple to me. I want to introduce you to helpful ideas that you can use in your life.

To be transparent, here’s my longer answer. My reason for writing is to: educate and inform you; stimulate and provoke you; help you to overcome challenges and struggles; provide useful tips and advice; make you laugh; help you to consider and reflect upon your life; bring new insights; stimulate you to re-evaluate your thoughts and beliefs; assist you to break old unhealthy habits; start an interactive conversation between us; and inspire you to grow and take actions so that you can become all that you can be.

As you can see, I want to impact you in a positive way. I’m ambitious to influence you. I want my musings here to make you stop, think and feel. I want you to react to things that are important to you in your day-to-day life.

A happy smiling businessman working on laptop.My Articles Will Be Direct and Simple. 

You’ll read no fluff or superficial ideas here. You may not like or agree with some of them. You may not see the direct application in your life. But that’s okay because I will not be able to appeal to all of my readers every time.

I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. I’m purposefully trying to stir you up with new ideas so that you might take valuable actions to improve your life. For you and your loved ones, this blog will dish out relevant ideas that will help you to become more resilient and hardy.

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