Do I Really Believe that Life Is a Series of Problems?

Professional female hurdler during trainingYesserie. I sure do and I lay it all out below. This is how I experience my life. And this is what other people reveal to me about their personal experience.

Life Presents Us with a Series of Endless Hurdles to Jump Over.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape this reality. It’s like a truth or a law of human life and this is our relentless predicament here on earth. We are constantly challenged with problems.

We struggle to feed and clothe ourselves, to protect ourselves, to belong, to find love, and to actualize our potential. Only seldom are we fully relaxed and free of difficulties and concerns that face us. We cannot sustain a blessed condition of being or a blissful meditative state of mind for very long. Problems just keep rising.

barbed wireYou experience this daily, don’t you? Some days are better and some are worse. At times we deal with these obstacles very well and we solve them. We clear the path for new issues to arise.

At other times, we hesitate, get overwhelmed and botch it up, thereby creating more problems. Therefore, having good problem-solving skills is very helpful as we meander and maneuver through life.

Problems Are Not All Bad or Negative.

They help us to grow and develop, to expand our horizons. Many problems and concerns are positive challenges. Sometimes they are growth experiences in disguise, opportunities to discover new things. Some demands that we face may actually be gateways to new arenas that we may never have experienced before. Challenges help us develop and mature.

So, don’t dread problems and hope for a passive and boring life because it will never happen. And if it did, then that would be like a slow death.

I want my posts to help you strive for your dreams, overcome obstacles, realize new truths, love more and accept yourself. Take your life on with a new and bold commitment!

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