Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My First Blog Post!

I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Revel Miller. I am a psychologist and an energetic liver of life.

I’m also ambitious. In my posts or short articles here, I hope to: stimulate your thoughts, stir up your emotions, penetrate your soul, impact your relationships, ignite your hope, and improve your self-concept. I strive to influence your attitude about your current life, your future life, and life in general.

How’s that for an audacious set of goals?

In This Blog, I’ll Share…

my professional views and personal beliefs about a wide array of topics. I will also present you with helpful information.

I’ve been on earth for quite some time and I’m insatiably curious. So, I’ve learned many things and I have a lot to say. For fun and inspiration, I will also share some mind twisters and thought-provoking quotes. I’ll blend serious topics with fun ideas because after all, we all enjoy humor. Just like love, good humor, interactive play and belly laughter heal our souls. And yes, I definitely do believe that you have a soul lurking around inside of you somewhere.

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