I Want Something from YOU. But What Do You Think It Is?

Dr. Revel MillerWhat do I want from you? Well, I want you to stop and consider your life and to direct it toward your personal goals. You only have so much time on earth in that body and psyche of yours. So, why procrastinate and postpone?

Take command and move forward into the life you desire and design! After all, isn’t it your responsibility to make of your life what you will and can? Don’t we all have visions for ourselves to follow and manifest? Doesn’t every human being have a purpose to fulfill on this planet? Can’t we all put in more effort, do better and feel a sense of pride in ourselves?

I believe that we owe it to ourselves to become all that we can become. It feels good and it impacts others in positive ways.

So, be courageous, take chances and make a contribution. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by others, held down by trivial pursuits, or held back by unhealthy habits. Live a life with as few regrets as possible. Live fully!



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