Fotolia_25564250_SDr. Miller uses effective methods to help you:

  • Overcome painful feelings
  • Repair distressed relationships
  • Achieve challenging goals
  • Triumph over difficult transitions
  • Reduce worrisome stress
  • Shed self-defeating behaviors
  • Start on a new venture
  • Learn adaptive skills and perspectives
  • Improve your career and income

Dr. Miller’s stance is positive and hopeful. He maintains a  realistically optimistic perspective that people have influence over their destiny. He strongly believes in human resiliency – that innate human ability to rebound from serious setbacks and overwhelming experiences.

You can return to your former self or expand yourself even further. And, Dr. Miller believes that you have the inner ability to continually evolve and transform yourself, even in the face of persistent hardships. He can help you become more resilient so that you can bounce back and grow further in the future.

Revel Miller serves:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Families
  • Caregivers
  • Business Owners
  • Professionals
  • Executives & Managers

He recognizes the fact that life presents all of us with an endless stream of challenges to confront, problems to manage and barriers to surmount.

Periodically, these challenges become overwhelming. That’s when your:

  • Struggle becomes too much
  • Options seem to disappear
  • Distress is too much to bear
  • Decisions become too difficult
  • Relationships are strained

When you are emotionally injured, suffer chronic illness or experience an unexpected loss, you can spring back. And even more than that, you have the ability to improve upon and surpass your previous condition. You are flexible. You can adjust and adapt. When stressed and pressured, you can become stronger and hardier. With effort and commitment, you can rebound and regain new capability and achieve desired goals.

At times, you work things out on our own and then move on. At other times, you ask your trusted friends and loved ones to help out, and it works. But you may have discovered that you and the others that you have turned to do not have the power to solve your dilemmas.

That’s where Dr. Miller comes in. He is here to listen, guide and support you back to a position of lasting strength. There is always relief and a way – if you commit and put in the effort to achieve the results that you envision.

If you believe that you’ve reached a dead end, think again. In reality, you may be at a crucial life turning point, not just a stuck point of no return. You may be facing an opportunity in disguise so that you can create a better life for yourself.

You do not need to remain stuck in distress. Support is here to help you get past the barriers and live a more fulfilling life.

On this website you can find out more about the types of issues Dr. Miller treats. Click Problems Treated to find a list of the concerns he works with. Visit the  Specialty Services web page to discover the types of services he offers. The About web page provides more information about Dr. Revel Miller’s background. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page may answer some of your burning questions. And, the Get Started web page explains how you can get started with Dr. Miller.

Review this website to discover if you are a good match for Dr. Miller at this time.

If you are seriously committed to making a significant change, then expect a positive outcome.

And if you believe that you and he may be a good fit, then call Dr. Miller today at 805-448-5053

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