Collaboration with Legal Professionals

Resiliency Center of Santa BarbaraDr. Revel Miller, clinical psychologist, actively collaborates with legal professionals to provide the best support for clients going through a divorce. He is a multidisciplinary team player who strives to support divorce attorneys and mediators in their practice and to improve the quality of life for their clients.

Case collaboration with Dr. Miller can help you serve your distressed clients better and prepare them for the rigors of the divorce process. By referring clients to Dr. Miller, you provide broader support for your clients to help them overcome stress and emotional, mental, relational and behavioral problems. He provides psychodiagnostic evaluations to pinpoint primary and secondary issues.

Collaboration with Dr. Miller also helps attorneys, mediators and their staff membersto better understand and manage their demanding clients and complex cases that they face in their practices every day.

When clients work with Dr. Miller in either psychotherapy or consultation, they become better legal clients to work with because they learn to understand how the divorce process works and what to expect. Therefore, they don’t burden their lawyers, mediators and staff with as much emotionality or use you as their sole confidante. And they don’t complain and blame you and the “system” for their troubles. They become more centered and self-aware.

When referred to Dr. Miller, clients work through their confusion, fear, sadness, anger and other pent up emotions with him, not you. He helps them to put things into realistic perspective, set priorities, and make necessary divorce decisions.

See the Problems Treated and the Specialty Services web pages for more information about the problems Revel Miller, Ph.D. treats and the treatment approaches he uses.

Consultation and Specialty Services Offered to Legal Professionals:

  • Psychological assessment to understand your clients better
  • Evaluation of readiness to proceed and cooperate
  • Regular written progress reports and updates
  • Ongoing client treatment and support
  • Bolstered family values, parenting skills and child care

Dr. Miller does not provide Child Custody Evaluations or Forensic Assessments. In addition, he does not participate as an Expert Witness in court or depositions.

Main Benefits for Divorce Attorneys and Mediators:

When your clients are referred to Dr. Miller, there are a number of positive outcomes that may make your work easier and more enjoyable. Working with a psychologist allows you to focus on your cases and diverts the challenging emotional, behavioral and familial issues to him to manage. Refer your clients to a collaborative psychologist who can help your clients clearly think through their divorce process and move into their new future and lifestyle.

Here are some other personal benefits and rewards for attorneys and mediators:

  • Improve your career satisfaction and productivity
  • Work with more cooperative and grateful clients
  • Work with clients who are more focused, organized and responsive
  • Reduce client indecisiveness and emotional intensity
  • Work with clients who are less resistive and hostile to the divorce process
  • Decrease client dependency and number of office visits and phone calls
  • Receive alerts from Dr. Miller about client crises and problems that arise
  • Reduce the frequency of client no shows, late cancellations and postponements
  • Have phone calls returned promptly and receive communication regularly
  • Prevent inappropriate client interruptions and emotional breakdowns in your office

Main Benefits for Clients:

When working closely with a supportive and knowledgeable psychologist who understands their situation, your clients may experience these types of positive results and outcomes:

  • Decrease their emotional intensity and mental anguish
  • Reduce the amount of expressed anger, revenge and vindictiveness
  • Learn to set priorities and make tough decisions
  • Reduce the frequency of hostile blaming, bickering and threatening
  • Prevent violence, abuse and ongoing conflict within the family
  • Reduce the frequency of medical illness and physical complaints
  • Become more child-centered and less self-centered
  • Experience a more friendly and peaceful divorce
  • Get through the divorce process easier and faster
  • Transition easier and faster into a new lifestyle and future

Provide more hope and support for your clients.

To Collaborate with Dr. Miller,

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