Collaboration with Health Professionals

Resiliency Center of Santa BarbaraDr. Revel Miller, clinical psychologist, actively collaborates with complementary health professionals to provide the best continuum of care for patients. He is a multidisciplinary team player who strives to support other health professionals and improve the quality of life for their patients and clients.

Treatment collaboration with Dr. Miller can help you provide broader care and assist your patients to overcome stress and emotional, mental, relational and behavioral problems. He provides psychodiagnostic evaluations to pinpoint primary and secondary issues. In addition, Dr. Miller serves health professionals and their staff members with challenges they face in their practices.

Dr. Miller Collaborates with:

  • Medical and Osteopathic Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
  • Naturopathic and Chiropractic Doctors
  • Physical Therapists and Acupuncturists
  • Mental Health Practitioners

Dr. Miller is a trained behavioral health psychologist. He treats patients with common mental health problems and chronic illnesses and life threatening diseases. He helps them better manage their stress reactions and physical symptoms. Dr. Miller also supports pre- and post-surgical patients to ensure that they are prepared and recovering as expected. For many patients, combining physical and psychological treatments simultaneously often delivers better, faster and longer lasting results.

In addition, Dr. Miller supports, educates and consults with stressed parents of children with disabilities and special needs as well as over-burdened caregivers of aging parents and chronically ill family members.

See the Problems Treated and the Specialty Services web pages for more information about the problems Dr. Miller treats and the treatment approaches he uses.

Consultation and Specialty Services Offered to Medical Professionals:

  • Patient treatment and support
  • Patient and family evaluation
  • Risk assessment, early intervention and relapse prevention
  • Ongoing written treatment progress reports and updates
  • Medication adherence and side-effect monitoring
  • Staff training, consultation and support in behavioral approaches
  • Family intervention and caregiver support and guidance
  • Installation of easy to administer in-clinic behavioral health screening instruments

Main Benefits for Health Professionals:

When collaborating with Dr. Miller to assist your patients, here are some of the helpful results you might personally expect.

  • Prevent suicidal attempts
  • Improve integrated continuity of care
  • Confirm diagnoses and treatment plan direction
  • Coordinate team work approaches with complex and demanding cases
  • Track progress and amelioration of patient symptoms
  • Consult with a reliable and communicative mental health specialist
  • Reduce frustration in treating complicated cases
  • Decrease patient over-use of professionals, staff and diagnostic procedures
  • Improve patient compliance with treatment plan and medication

Main Benefits for Patients:

When your patients utilize Dr. Miller’s behavioral health services, they may experience these types of positive outcomes or results.

  • Accelerate the healing and recovery process
  • Reduce stress, suffering and isolation
  • Feel supported, understood and cared for
  • Learn to control behaviors that exacerbate and prolong illness
  • Diminish family suffering and conflict
  • Activate hope, positive attitude and native resilience
  • Reduce relapses and symptom flare-ups
  • Prevent over-use and burn-out of parent and family caregivers
  • Increase commitment to self-management

Provide more hope and support for your patients.

If they need specialized assessment and treatment to ameliorate their difficulties,

Call Dr. Miller to Collaborate at 805-448-5053

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